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Yin Yang Espresso Cup: Honey

Yin Yang Espresso Cup: Honey

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The Yin Yang espresso cups are a playful design to share a moment with a dear one. They charm by their ellegance and originality and invite one to move them around.  The beautiful moment of drinking a cup of espresso flies by too fast.

The cup was made in 2019 and is signed underneath. Approximate dimensions are 6 (height) x 9 (length) x 5 (width) cubic cm.

Please note, sale is for ONE cup, but you can buy two unless they are sold out. The photo with the coupled cups is given to show how the Yin Yang circle is completed. 

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The package will be shipped within 5 business days of the placed order, but I will do my best to ship it as fast as possible. 

I am not charging duty fees. Please check with your postal office for these fees.

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