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Cup Ephemeral: Warm Sand

Cup Ephemeral: Warm Sand

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Experience the Desert with the Warm Sand Ephemeral Cup

This fancy cup can be used for many functions. I like it best for ice-cream, but you can use it to serve tiramisu, a salad, sushi, nuts, or even light a candle.

Its beautiful decoration and intriguing architecture offer a magical experience. Each cup is unique, was made in 2019 and is signed underneath.  This cup is special also by the nature of the clay used, which fired at high temperature, gives a durable material with a slighlty rough texture, similat to stone or sand. This type of clay is extremly rare , and it is very difficult to find a functional object made of it on the market. The clay is comlemented by the partial glaze application which has a velvet feeling.

I always thought that the ice-cream vanishes too fast, so I realized it is ephemeral.The shape was inspired by the waves, which are also ephemeral, but the architecture is inspired by the pagoda, which is elegant and mysterious.

Approximate dimensions are 9.5 x12.5 x12.5 cm cube.

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The package will be shipped within 5 business days of the placed order, but I will do my best to ship it as fast as possible. 

I am not charging duty fees. Please check with your postal office for these fees.

The Cup Ephemeral: Warm Sand is perfect for adding a subtle warmth to any kitchen décor. Its sand color radiates a soft, natural hue, allowing a touch of comfort and serenity to any living space.

Its rough unlglazed texture is balanced by the velvet feel of the glazed areas, making it an intriguing tactile experience. Its subtle yet versatile design is sure to please any eye.

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