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Ceramic Surrealist Sculpture Denis

Ceramic Surrealist Sculpture Denis

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Surrealist Sculpture Head: Denis, Trumpet Player

This sculpture is made out of clay that represents a trumpet player. There is an element that identify him as such , the ear has a trumpet designed around it. Dimensions of the head sculpture are 17x14x16 cm.Please note there are some imperfections that show as hairline cracks. 


The head was made using the coil technique. Coil and slab elements were assembled on the ovoid shape and together with engraving and sgraffito techniques were used to define the features and character of the head. 

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I am not charging duty fees. Please check with your postal office for these fees.

Surrealist Ceramic Sculpture Head, Trumpet Player, Colorful Ceramic Art, Engobe Underglaze Glaze Ceramic, Ceramic Artist Motnreal

It was part of a virtual exhibition Homemade  and a ceramics show Transference at Galerie Le 1040 in Montreal.

This sculpture is in series with two other heads and form the music group Hearbeat. My heads are a trio band of musicians virtually playing Spring Concerts in the Park festival. There is Axel playing the guitar, Francis playing the tuba and Denis playing the trumpet.

Trio Band Musicians, Playing in the park festival, ceramic surrealist sculpture

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