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Ceramic Sculpture Head: Drummer Gina

Ceramic Sculpture Head: Drummer Gina

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Sculpture Figure Head Representing a Drummer

This is a unique figurative sculpture made out of clay that represents a drummer. She is identified by a cymbal and a drumstick earring. It was made on the pottery wheel and fired at very high temperature, cone 10, in reduction. 

Drummer Gina is a sophisticated design with beautiful features. Bring style and elegance with this unique modern piece of art. 

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The package will be shipped within 5 business days of the placed order, but I will do my best to ship it as fast as possible. 

I am not charging duty fees. Please check with your postal office for these fees.

African Style Sculpture, Surrealist head ceramic sculpture

This sculpture head is inspired by the African style sculptures and celebrates the happiness and inspiration black music brought into the world.  It is a tribute to the great and powerful funk music of James Brown, to the beautiful and soothing music of Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong, to name just a few. I made this sculpture as a  reminder that there is soulful music,  it inspires and it heals and makes the world a better place. 

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