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CATeodoro Pottery

Square Plate: The View Over the Bay

Square Plate: The View Over the Bay

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The Prince Looks Over the Bay

This plate has a wave shape. The illustration is a rider in a fantastical landscape.

This plate can be used for many functions. It can be a sushi plate, a breakfast plate for a fruit salad or crepes, it can also be used to present fruits or cakes.

This plate is very thin, delicate, and very light. These aspects together with the shape makes it an elegant piece.

The plate is unique and it is signed underneath.

Dimensions: 20 x 19.5 x 5.5 ( in cm).

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The package will be shipped within 5 business days of the placed order, but I will do my best to ship it as fast as possible. 

I am not charging duty fees. Please check with your postal office for these fees.

This classic dinner plate  offers elegant presentation with its curved rim and classic style. Crafted from durable ceramics, it is the perfect plate for any table. Its timeless design will be appreciated for years to come.

Its vibrant narrative creates a unique and eye-catching visual, perfect for any style or aesthetic.

This Square Plate: The View Over the Bay is a perfect gift for any occasion. Its beautiful design features an array of colors, making it a great piece both on display and in use. 

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