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The Magic of the Sycamore Seed

The Magic of the Sycamore Seed

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Ceramic Art Piece: The Magic of the Sycamore Seed

The Magic of the Sycamore Seed is a set of three plates that can be displayed aligned one next to the other (Fig. 1)  or embedded one into another (Fig 2).  It is a unique decorative piece. 

The scientific and artistic nature of Palissy's work inspired me the subject of this work: the sycamore seed. On the edge of the plates I poetically suggest the spiral motion of a falling sycamore seed when the plates are embedded and view from above. 

I also used the shape of the seed to indicate the stepsof a person taking a walk in a park from one plate to the other, when the plates are placed next to each other. The park on the shore of the Saint-Laurence River is another inspiration for this work.

The plates are made of terracotta . Diameters of the 3 plates are : 33.8 ,25.5 , 15.5 in cm, 

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The small plate has a big sycamore seed in the middle. I sculpted the wing of the sycamore to represent the passage of time,  and to make an echo to the tree it came from, closing the cycle of life.

The spherical part of the head is fashioned as a lamp, and a very small candle light inside symbolizes life.

Within the park environment this sphere is a shelter where one can rest or take refuge from bad weather.

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